SCOPE (Society for Creation of Opportunities through Proficiency in English), established in 2007, by the Government of Gujarat, aims to build English language proficiency in the youth of Gujarat and thereby create employment opportunities for them.

  • More than 6,00,000 candidates have been enrolled in the programme since inception.

  • You can contact any authorised Training Partner (TP) or Zonal Training Partner (ZTP) of SCOPE for becoming a SCOPE's trainer. However, you have to go through the Cambridge tests and personal interview as per the norms established by SCOPE. The trainer has to be at least two levels above to the intended proficiency level of the training batch.

  • You can contact any authorized Training Partner (TP) or Zonal Training Partner (ZTP) of SCOPE for enrolling yourself as a candidate. You will be given 90 hours of training by a certified trainer, books and other material. At the end of the training, you need to appear for SCOPE examination. However, if you are a student, you can also enroll under OAS (Open Assessment Scheme) of SCOPE.

  • Open Assessment Scheme (OAS) is a unique mechanism for students only wherein they can directly appear in the examination and assess themselves. They have to prepare themselves for examination through self study material and register through their college/institution.

  • There is no qualification, age or gender bar in taking SCOPE exam. Anybody at any level can appear for SCOPE exam in Gujarat.

  • There is a simple form called Centre Registration Form. Any institution can fill that form and submit it with SCOPE. After scrutiny at SCOPE office, the authorities will inform the concerned institution/college about its registration and various codes. The process takes only 2-3 days.

  • Yes, the form is called CRF (Candidate Registration Form). It is bar coded form and every detail of candidate has to be filled in carefully.

    The form is available for Rs. 2/- at

    Exam agency of SCOPE, Concepts Concepts Eduserv Pvt. Ltd.
    409-412, Advait Complex,
    Near Sandesh Press,
    Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015
    Phone: 079-40030058, Mobile +91 9712496432
    Email : scope.exams@conceptsedu.com.

    A candidate can also fill the online form available at SCOPE's website free of cost but it has to be routed either through college/institution or PPP centre.

  • This is a test where the computer selects questions for you according to how well you have answered previous questions. In other words, the questions adapt to the level of the candidate.

    The computer test includes a large bank of test questions, covering all levels of ability, from basic to advanced. The questions are displayed on-screen, and candidates respond using the keyboard and mouse. As each question is answered, the computer assesses the response and selects the next question.

    The questions are selected according to whether the candidate's previous answer was right or wrong; in this way, the questions become progressively easier or harder until the system has a reliable assessment of the candidate's level.

  • Candidates can be given extra time for the BULATS Online tests at the discretion of the testing organisation. In this case the time limit option within the Supervisor mode should not be selected.

    Candidates with a visual impairment may not find the computer-based tests suitable. For candidates with a hearing impairment, there are special and lip-reading versions of the Listening section of the Standard test, and for candidates with a visual impairment there are large-print and Braille versions of the Standard test.

    These can be ordered six weeks in advance of the test date.